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Ben Heck’s latest mod will be donated to Able Gamers Foundation.

Celebrity console modder Ben Heck has created a single-handed Xbox One controller mod, designed to be accessible for gamers with a disability preventing them from using two hands.

The creation of the controller will be chronicled on this Friday’s installment of The Ben Heck Show. A teaser for the program gives a first glimpse at the unit, as do the images posted above and below.

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Since its November 19th release date, the Xbox One has been in scarce supply at the $499.99 retail price. For those of you who avoided the long lines on Black Friday but still want one in time for Christmas, a new hope has emerged at Best Buy.

This morning Best Buy put five bundles on sale with prices ranging between $529.98 to $649.96. The cheapest is the standard console bundled with a 12 month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription for $529.99, which is just the $499.99 console price plus $30 for 1 yr. membership. In fact, that puts it at a $30 discount, since an Xbox LIVE membership normally runs $59.99.

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Around one-quarter of the system’s storage space already filled before you install anything, new report finds.

The Xbox One’s 500GB maxes out at 362GB-365GB, meaning around one-quarter of the system’s storage space is already filled before users download anything.

That’s according to a new video report from IGN, which installed 20 games (of various sizes) to the system before meeting the cap. This figure also includes save files, apps, and GameDVR clips, though these file sizes are minimal compared to full-game downloads.

A Microsoft representative said that the discrepancy between the advertised 500GB hard drive space and the actual space users have for games and apps comes down to the basic console operating system install and some of the native first-party apps like Internet Explorer.

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Required update that addresses dashboard performance and multiplayer issues arrives today for those using Instant On feature, while rest will have to wait until Thursday.

A new mandatory Xbox One system update that addresses various application and operating system performance issues will begin rolling out today, Microsoft has announced.

The update will be available first for those using the Xbox One “Instant On” low-power state feature (which automatically checks for updates) beginning today at 5 p.m. PDT. People not using the Instant On feature won’t be able to download and apply the update until sometime after Thursday, December 12 at 4 p.m. PDT.

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